ALZANKI ENTERPRISES is a unique business development and marketing Kuwaiti-business located in the state of Kuwait. Khalid Al-Zanki, Founder & CEO of ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, started the venture in 2005 as the first specialized Product Launch agency in the Middle East. It has based its model on product launch marketing via online and offline.

We continue to expand our role as a vital business development and marketing resource. The investment of time, talent, experience, and energy yield impressive results, and our customers, team, associates and business partners are the direct beneficiaries. We will continue to look beyond the boundaries of the expectations to explore the frontiers of business development that blend real-life experiences with our expertise.

We are locals and we understand the Middle Eastern culture and environment and its relation to the specific requirements of our customers. We have experienced and qualified local and international consultants, ready to provide solutions to local and international customers. The experience we gained were so enlightening and it is allowing us to have better insight to the problem and so to provide enhanced and proven solutions.

Our Mission and Vision

To become Middle East’s leading company specializing in business development & marketing by delivering preeminent services with internationally recognized standards and best practices through our proficient consultants.

What’s Set Us Apart?

Nothing on earth is more valuable to a business or individual’s success than the experience of someone who is already producing the results. If we can gain access to these world-class business practices, we will bridge countless cycles of trial and error in business, compressing decades of experience into days of profound performance. We provide incredible experience. Availing themselves of information is one thing, but to be inspired, feel the joy of being part of professional team, to tap into our customers inner pride, strength, commitment and courage, is something entirely different.

Our Experience

Since 2005, we gained a diversified experience within different fields to establish a strong knowledge in the broad domain of business development and marketing. We are confident in our solutions because we understand customer perspective. We can address any client specific needs. Through our experience, we have teamed up with well-known international and local companies in providing solutions to customers. We are very careful in our relationships and we always intend to focus on customer’s specific requirement. Some of experiences by category: Nonprofit Organizations, Automotive, Banking, Health, Education, Media, Telecommunication, Entertainment, and Technology – Click Here for Partial List of Customers!