Khalid Al-Zanki the face of ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, the creative force behind its launches, and a formidable team builder. He’s the founder and CEO of the first product launch agency in Middle East, which was launched in 2005, and He’s the host and producer of the first business and entrepreneurship podcast in Middle East, LAUNCH ON FIRE Podcast. He has been positioned as one of Kuwait’s Top Marketing Mavens (trusted experts), because he shares real life advice as someone who has been there in his own ventures. An entrepreneur with dreams of running businesses that would make a difference in the world.

Khalid’s sales-producing, profit generating solutions help customers reach success in their new or existing business ventures. For more than a decade, He has been actively involved in the successful growth and operation of multiple product launches in a variety of industries. He built his first business at age 23, reaped the profitable rewards and was labeled “A True Leader and Entrepreneur”, “Most Inflectional Person Online 2010”, “Kuwait Social Stars 2012” and recently “Godfather of Entrepreneurs in Kuwait by Entrepreneur Magazine.”

Khalid’s extensive background in the business world provides his customers with a unique advantage. He is best known for positioning customers and their products & services for profit through proven marketing and innovative product launches. Read More!