PODCAST-ING is The New Media

Podcasts are episodes of a program available on the Internet. Podcasts are usually original audio or video recordings. Podcasts are a way to enjoy great content from around the world, and a great way to reach a wide audience. We’re at the very beginning of how podcasting is enabling innovation.

Today is marked as the epitome of entrepreneurship hype, which is the direction of the market starting for the upcoming years. However, many entrepreneurs and businesses nowadays face many challenges when launching their businesses, products, services and campaigns in a highly competitive market.

ALZANKI ENTERPRISES ensures you that our entrepreneurial podcasts are an excellent experience, loaded with great content and many opportunities to build relationship with startups, entrepreneurs and experts.


Our founder Khalid Al-Zanki launched few podcasts, and recently a radio show on FM. His passion for sharing how entrepreneurship is transforming businesses, brands, human interactions, influencing behavior and reshaping cultures motivated him to create what would become LAUNCH ON FIRE Podcast & THE HOTSEAT Radio Show & Podcast. His podcasts are dedicated to entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Our goal is to help startups and entrepreneurs succeed with their entrepreneurial and marketing efforts.